I am thrilled to use this platform as a way to deliver straight forward information regarding all things health, fitness and nutrition. I’ll do the dirty work of reading the research to give you what you need to know. I’ll also be providing recipes that require absolutely zero cooking talent.

I hope you all enjoy!


Education & Achievements

I have my Masters in Exercise Science from Miami University, Oxford where I also obtained my B.S. in Kinesiology and Health Promotion. I am now finishing up the curriculum required to get my license as a Registered Dietitian! My current work is as a personal trainer (NASM CPT) and online nutrition coach. I am an overall NPC bikini champion (2017), with my highest achievement in bodybuilding being a top five placing at the national level (2018).

Approach & Beliefs

I take on a holistic approach to health. I believe that the body benefits from movement fueled by mostly whole food sources. I believe that the mind benefits from stillness, as well as purposeful stimulation. That being said, I also understand that every once in awhile you need some cake.